Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here lately with my job at toms creek i have had to help with a little something called...leaf removal.  I use to love deciduous trees- I would take awe at the beauty and color that God would just paint the treetops with....unfortunately for the folks mainly at uwharrie pointe they don't see that same glory in brown crunchy leaves that are now hiding their green for a few days now I have made 3 new best leafblower...and The Earplugs.  There have been a few days that I wish wish wish I had my camera with me.  One of the days I was in the midst of about waste high leaves and had 5 folks infront of me like soldiers on the frontlines charging toward me chasing these leaves in the air to join the rest that I was midst of.  While in this pile of leaves it is like a whirlwind of long as it isnt' too dusty it is really pretty.  Anyways where is this going you say?  My brain feels like these leaves as fast as an Idea comes into my mind...its dropped and has moved onto another one.  So while my brain is on blogging here comes a whole whirlwind of whats been going on and whats on my mind...for now...

We are moved in!  Not sure if I have blogged since then...WE absolutely love our home.  Just looking around our home just pleases me.  I am an imaginative person and I have cut out magazine clippings for years...I have in depth ideas of waht I have wanted in a home..and its an amazing feeling seeing it in person- what was in my mind- I am not sitting in midst of.  Everything isn't perfectly where I want it and how I want it.  for example...i am a photographer and have not a picture on my wall yet...(too afraid to put holes in the walls just yet)  and I am a landscaper and have not a flower or shrub one planted...although I will say my lawn looks pretty good.
Another thought that just brings me great joy is that everyone has just supported Laura and I on our photography venture.  Roots is definetly taking root, I am just amazed at how people who love our pictures pretty much "sell" our pictures.  Facebook has helped to expose us, but you guys are the ones spreading the word and to that I am forever greatful.  We are excited to continue this coming year and have a few new and fresh ideas brewing...
The amazing thing is this--God is the creator of all things...he has some amazing thoughts about me and you...and for me and you. life is beautiful and he is the creator of it all so all glory be to God!

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