Friday, April 22, 2011

A Lynn kinda day....

today was a GREAT awesome day compared to yesterday which didn't bring me what I want...but thats okay because today was full of Lynn-ness :)
  • slept in....
  • Me and B were both off 
  • Held the most darling newborn ( I LOVE babies...especially newborns)
  • Went to Greensboro shopping with B and his parents.....
  • Held the most darling puppy (I LOVE PUPPIES)
  • Went to my favorite Thrift store and racked up on some bargains (Thanks to Dillis forfeiting Gander Mtn)
  • Ate the most delicious ribs I have ever had.
  • Worshipped @ C4's "secret" service. (Thank you God for dying in the cross for me!) 
  • Had a chocolate milkshake
  • Spent the evening with my parents
  • photo's I have been trying to upload for days finally were submitted to be printed
  • Hot shower and good music to end the night with B snoring in the background. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sing it Stones.....

First off...hit play on this joker and chillax to the music while you read....
I don't know what all the verses are about...if there is any unappropriate language or meanings I am not aware of please forgive me....but my main point is this....You can't always get what you want.

Or atleast thats what I am learning.  you would think I would have this down pat by now....this seems to be the story of my life at daycare.  In my real life it seems to be that too...I may not get exactly what I want (more preferably when I want it)...but I definetly get what I need. Maybe I want too much. 

in my room the babies...they want-- and have different ways of showing it...much like we adults do :)   some want something and just go snatch it from their neighbor...some stand back and scream and cry waiting for you to give it to them.....some just forget it and move on to something else.  the more and more I am around babies and one year olds I find that we adults are not much more mature about not getting our way...we have just found different ways of showing it.  

The baby who wants a toy that a neighbor has and snatches it....or runs up to grab it as the neighbor was bending over to pick it up...yep adults you do it too.  You know that little bit of jealousy of Ha...I got  this before you did and I know you want it but you can't because its now MINE Bahahaha. ....special edition items like new cars..."gotta do it first events" like weddings...having babies...and getting a better job. 

Then there are the babies who want something....and they can very welll walk over and pick it up themselves...but they will just stand back 5 feet from it and scream...I have never figured this out as to why they don't just go to it and enjoy playing with it....These folks are known to cause the scene....they have felt there has been an injustice and the others in the room should listen and obey to their command.  The injustice is more often than not that other people are not giving them what they want.

Then there is the baby who wants the toy...the others are playing with it...and  its like Oh well....let me see whatelse I can find....These peeps are content wherever they go and make do with what they have.  They let the other people enjoy their own life....and they live their own with contentment.

I know my 1:11 am ramblings are making no good sense....but today has been a day of remembering that I don't always get what I want ....but the Lord has definetly blessed me with more than I need.  

I am going to bed now...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wrong side of the BED.

We'll let me share with you some drama we have had going on in our house.

 When me and b were first married I never will forget we come home from our honeymoon and our house was a thousand degrees (AC broken the entire time we were in jamaica) we had been awake no lie for over 24 hours from flight times and layovers...and driving back home we got home right at 3 am.  We ROASTED in that upstairs 4 in the morning I get the brainy Idea to DUH GO TO WALMART AND BUY A CIRCULATING FAN.  Well we get up and head to walmart to atleast run the AC in the truck and cool realize to my un-truely-we- are-wanna-be small towners in Asheboro to realize Walmart is not open 24 hours...they are closed....until 6 am.  So we sleep in teh parking lot till time to open...I am so out of it I ask the lady where the fans are that do "this number"...and wave my hand back and forth like an Occilating fan does.  She of course didn't know what I was talking about so I described in my tired words and showed her again.  She then showed us some box fans and I found the one that moves right to left. 

Not sure what this guy is thinking videoing his fans...but I sure would have loved to have had them at 4 am.

Anyways...when we get home and turn the fans on Brandon gives his first husbandly protocol....pick one side of the bed....which ever side I wanted but I needed to pick it and stick with it.  Okay I say and take the left side.  Primarily because it was closest to the bathroom haha....

Well over the past few months we have really needed to get a new mattress...even when we flip it it sleeps horribly...on my side :) I feel springs jab me on my hip bone...rib cage...its wallered out where I toss and turn...and it feels like I am sleeping downhill.  I was just to the point the couch was much better....until one night B had his knee in my back and I couldn't sleep.  I moved to Brandon's side( he was smushing me and the knee in the back or ribs is just well difficult to go to sleep with)...turned on the lamp to read which normally for me is like a warm baby's bottle to an infant....I then after a few pages got REALLY sleepy....B's side was well much felt like there was still cushioning on his wasn't wallered out I lay flat on my back....and I was on the right side to hang my "cooling foot" out when I get hot.  So I have broken Brandons one rule...pick one side and stick with until we get a new mattress when our house is done...He has lost his side.    then hopefully I will reclaim my side on a new mattress that is closest to the bathroom :)  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I think I have ADD...

Okay...I am going to self diagnose myself...I think I have a mild form of ADD... I never remember my brain being like this when I was younger- or when I didn't have much going on.  The crazy busy life and demands  I think have made my brain go into this mode haha.  Or atleast thats my excuse....I looked up the symptoms online (which I do a lot and rarely have what I think I have) but here are the symptoms that I think I have...Brandon will agree to may to...
  •  Easily Distracted-Lets just have a 15 minute converstation and see if I finish anything statement I started)
  • Frequently misplaces things (All the time)
  • skips around while reading (I highly doubt I ever read the bible from cover to cover...i have tried...but end up page flippin)
  • Poor listening skills (please do not tell me your name, or something important if I am in thought)
  • constant motion (legs moving, fidgetiness)
  • impatient- working on this one.  I am patient with the kids but with daily life I am impatient.  I have always got to be in a hurry to get somewhere
  • often has piles of stuff- take a look at my desk
  • Difficulty falling asleep and coming awake- My most productive time is between 10:00pm-1:00am...just don't wake me before 8:30 in the morning
  • Periods of low energy (early in the am and in the afternoon)  My brain goes into what i like to call zombie mode
  • Startles Easily- Just ask anyone who has said "hey" to me while I am deep in normally ends in jumping and screaming like you came out from behind a door.
does anyone else think they have this?'s the deal I know I didn't have this a few years ago.. or atleast maybe I wasn't aware of it.  I honestly think it has been my brains way of surviving with the more that I put on my plate and the more I have people calling my name.  I remember the days of silence...and I will return to "No" at a time.  I remember the days of not having to "Go" all the time. 

anyways over the next few months I am going to do some brain spring cleaning and go on a brain Spring break....I hope I haven't weirded anyone out with my diagnoses.  the same way it onset....iwill be the same way it will leave.     

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one word I do not like...alarm.

Okay my last post was on my lovely onto somethings I cannot stand.  well....someTHING I cannot stand.  that is an alarm clock...or alarm of anykind.   My dear and lovely husband though LOVES alarms/alarm clocks.  When we were first married he overslept for work one morning...from then on it was 3 alarms all set to go off at the same time.  His alarm clock...his watch...and his cellphone. 

Early on (he does much better now and most days wakes up prior to them going off) but early on he would be in such a dead sleep that he would sleep through I would have to kick him like a mule to wake him up....then he would hit snooze on yes all 3 alarms....9 minutes later it was the same torture again...the sound of horribleness.  Yes I am so thankful that the Lord provided another day for me...but this is how I prefer to wake up in the mornings...

I love to sleep in until I wake up....most of the time to the birds singing and chirping happily to the tune of "Ode to Joy"  I then the comfort of the bed...then get up. 

Days that begin with the sound of the screeching alarm clock rendition of "Ode to Joy" begin like this....UGH...SNOOZE....just as I finally get over my bad attitude of the alarm clock interrupting my sleep it does it again.  I then unplug it from the wall in which it sounds like the alarm clock was bunched in the gut...and then stumble grumbily to the shower to start my day.

This is one thing I love about my hours at daycare...most days I am afforded the ability to sleep in...but I also stay up late working on stuff too...but I would rather be up late...than up early ;) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Deal Lucille...

Hey one thing that really made me smile today was this......

The microwave sounds like its popping popcorn and the phone came with all the parts :)

I have been looking for gently used play items like this for the PreK kids @ Foster Street....when I left staff meeting and just so happened to ride past Consigns and Finds I couldn't leave this item behind....

By the way if anyone would like to donate a gently used item like this or an outside play item (Step 1/2 slide/or outdoor play item) I would love it for the kids at church to have something new and different to play with!

Monday, April 4, 2011

This ones for the BIRDS I have always had a love for much so at our wedding Goldfish crackers were thrown at us so they could have a snack :) 

 I love riding on the  ferry and feeding the seagulls as they follow along.  They are so pretty....noisy....and yet so tame. 

 Here is a seagull in New York City....braving the cold and snow...

 I love how they just float
 This guys along for the ride....
 Yes I did pass art in Elementary school....aren't you proud I am a stick girl feeding a blue bird?
The more the Merrier....

 This past fall I was up WAY early trying to find conch shells...another fav...and we watched this dude fly in the water catch this fish and then eat it on the side of the beach...yummy.

check out this video of my encounter with this mack daddy of all seagulls....

I love the fiesty birds that are hungry and are willing to get really close for their next meal.  Such as eating off the top of my head....

And nope I have never been pooped on ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Here I go AGAIN

Okay, so I blogged a while back...had literally all of one follower which is okay- I did it primarily as a means to entertain myself with a cool electronic journal- lost interest as life got really busy, but I miss here I go again :) 

I enjoy looking back on my days and seeing where God has moved in my life!  I also enjoy the simple things that make life beautiful...  so here we go to the life of lynn and  few of my favorite things:

We are currently building a should be ready to move in late summer!! We waited and waited and had heart ache and head ache just to get to this point.  It is really stessful...but I have literally waited for this well ever since I can remember and I am going to enjoy it!  I always loved going with my dad to jobsites and watch a house take shape....its sort of weird...because it is now my house :)

When I was younger my hobby was riding horses...well now I just don't have that kind of daylight to do it often- or at all.  So I have taken up sewing!  I have a short attention I like simple projects I can finish in one setting.  I have been making baby bibs and booties.  They don't take me long to make and they are SO cute! 

For the past 3 years I have tried and tried to go to photography school- but there have been major circumstances making it impossible.  I gave up this more more hoping to go it would be a dream I would just enjoy on the side... then I just so happened upon a RCC fall schedule and the classes I need will work with my daycare unless something major comes up I hope to pursue photography school this fall.  My hopes are not 100% as I now know over 3 years anything can happen, so you may see a few of my favorite photos pop up from time to time.   

If you happen upon my blog and enjoy it send some love!