Sunday, July 10, 2011


life is a funny thing.  we wish it away, then look back to wonder where the days went.  never content in where we are, who we are, but always wishing we can be who we aren't because of who we were yesterday.  I was clearning my memory cards of pictures I had taken....the past year well documented.  days and moments of time wishing we would be where we are today, yet today is here and we are wanting tomorrow- but all we have is today. Think of all the life we could live if we just lived it for today, not dragging yesterday into it, and not pushing it into tomorrow.  Imagine the love we could share if we actually took the time to look into their eyes, imagine the lives we could impact if we actually did something for others and not just talk about it. 

this is one aspect of my life I have been convicted in, the internet has been one major hindrance for me.  Yes it is a great tool, but too much of my time is spent checking email-keeping up with a facebook account- blogging when I get an opportunity.  It robs me of time I could just spend loving my husband who is in front of me, reading my bible instead of a newsfeed, doing a craft instead of reading about them.  I have no trouble fasting food-  I can go without eating, but take my internet away and I start to fidget.  So with that being said, I am withdrawing myself from the world wide web except for time of work and time at school.  We are cancelling our home internet :) 

our life is but a vapor.
later folks!

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